Disability Gymnastics

IM IN Disibility Gymnastics logoAT King Edmund Gym Club we passionately believe acrobatic gymnastics is a sport which can and should be enjoyed by anybody, regardless of age or ability.

Having a disability shouldn’t necessarily be a barrier to full-on participation and King Eddies, with its magnificent facilities and experienced and knowledgeable coaching team, is geared up to catering for people with a wide range of disabilities in a safe and secure environment.

Disability Gymnastics
Disability Gymnastics

We’re also delighted to be part of British Gymnastics’ disability gymnastics’ programme I’M IN, which aims to create more participation opportunities for more disabled people in gymnastics.

The programme is designed to support a network of gymnastics clubs and coaches to plan and deliver quality gymnastics opportunities for disabled people.

The programme also raises the profile of disability gymnastics and increases the demand for gymnastics by disabled people, enabling them to become involved in our exciting and accessible sport.

I’M IN consists of the following 3 strands:

  • I’m Inclusive
  • I’m Involved
  • I’m Inspired

If you wish to know more about the I’M IN programme, and what we offer disabled people in terms of gymnastics opportunities, facilities and support, we are here to help.


5.00pm-5.50pm (5 to 10 years)
6.00pm-6.50pm (11 to 16 years)

All abilities are welcome

Disability Gymnastics
Disability Gymnastics