Competition Squad

IF you’ve managed to come this far through our carefully-designed system then you are doing exceptionally well – congratulations!

Those tentative first steps as a wide-eyed toddler on the Gym Tots apparatus, and the joy of achieving your first back-flip, are all treasures happily consigned to the memory bank. Now you are targeting a richly rewarding experience as a fully-fledged competitor around the national circuit, which is where our Competition Squad comes to the fore.

King Edmund Gym Club, fronted by Great Britain coach and former champion Nikki Thorne, has decades of experience behind it in identifying the genuine talents of the future as they progress through our ranks. So once you reach our highly-successful Competition Class, you know you have hit the fast track to becoming an established performer.

Team-work and dedication to the cause is what it’s all about here and the fun and enjoyment arises from the sheer satisfaction progress provides – and winning medals!

Our competition gymnasts train with their partners in pairs or groups, learning all aspects of sports acrobatics and tumbling.

Be prepared to put the hours in too – our guys practise between two and four times a week for competitions ensuring they, and their parents and guardians, clock up lots of road miles in their excursions up and down the country!