We are involved with many organisations who support what we do, along with some fantastic fund raising charities to help with our children’s development.

Supporting Children

HERE at King Edmund Gym Club we are well accustomed to seeing children entering and exiting a constantly revolving door as they turn up in their dozens on a daily basis to train and have fun.

It is, after all, what we’re here for, which is why the health and welfare of our young gymnasts is of paramount importance to us.

Our staff members are specifically assigned to coach and nurture children of all ages and abilities, but we are mindful too that they may harbour issues and concerns arising from outside the club that need addressing. That is where we can provide an extra shoulder to lean on.

While our top coaching team can offer the raw tools required to transform promising talent into world championship material, we know too that a happy and contented performer has a much better chance of achieving their desired goals over a sad and depressed soul carrying the weight of the world on his or her shoulders.

At King Edmund GC we treat our young gymnasts no differently than we would our own children, and that means identifying potential problems that might hinder their development and nipping them in the bud as quickly and effectively as possible.

In short, if one of our young members has an issue or worry they want to share with us, then we will offer a listening and supportive ear, in complete confidence and, where necessary, in tandem with parents or guardians.

Fund Raising

Details of our fund raising policy and our objectives can be found here shortly