THE future of King Edmund Gym Club as a whole is still in safe hands if the recent exploits of young Esmee Perkins is anything to go by!

The three-year-old ‘one-to-watch’ has extended the Wills acrogymnastics dynasty into a FOURTH generation, and anyone who thinks it is pushing the boundaries a little, when it comes to one so young being pitched into the competition arena, should think again.

Little Esmee had the audience eating out of the palm of her hand when she and her promising-looking cousin Tiger Strachan-Wills, who is hardly a veteran herself at seven, took to the mat to exhibit their skills during a recent event in Middlesex staged by the Heathrow club.

The nipper is the latest in a production line of gymnasts to hail from the Wills family. Great grandad Tony and wife Jan were, of course, founder members of King Eddies some 35 years ago, while their youngest daughter Nikki, our long-serving head coach, was a successful performer on the international acrogym circuit.

Nikki got herself hitched to our club manager Mark and together they had Maiken and Shanie-Redd, who both enjoyed well-documented World Games successes in Taiwan and Colombia respectively among a string of other medal sprees.

When eldest sibling Maiken gave birth to little Esmee, there could only be one outcome!

Proud grandad Mark grinned: “Esmee and Tiger took part in the Preparatory Women’s Pairs category at Heathrow and it was highly unusual for a pair so young to perform as well as they did.

“They received a wonderful ovation from the crowd and rightly so because they scored a perfect 30 in our books!

“Both are thoroughly enjoying their gymnastics and showing great promise, which is good to see.

Acrogymnastics in Yate and South Gloucestershire has a lot to be thankful to the Wills family for and long may it continue to produce future stars and coaches at King Eddies.”